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Bringing the future robotics to the present by giving innovative companies best services and software tools.

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  • Prototyping

  • Product development

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  • Interior sensing

    Generation of driver monitoring ground truth dataset – distraction

    Prepared and applied full laboratory setup for generating highly accurate ground truth datasets for vehicle interior sensing including driver monitoring in reference to distraction detection. We used a high-end motion capture system in the manufactured vehicle mock-up.

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  • Robotics

    Simulation module: ROS2-Unity3D

    We developed a ROS2 module that allows to integrate the Robot Operating System 2 with Unity3D for performance-oriented AV/ADAS simulation.

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  • Interior sensing

    Generation of driver monitoring ground truth dataset – drowsiness

    Dedicated driving simulator dataset collection campaign for generating ground truth datasets drowsiness detection. Our team applied a combination of eye closure metrics, driving performance and physiological data analysis (ECG and EEG).

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  • Autoware Foundation joined Technical Steering Committee of the Autoware Foundation. The Autoware Foundation is the largest organisation supporting open-source projects enabling self-driving mobility. The Autoware Foundation consists of over 40 organisations collaborating on next generation autonomous driving.

    Autoware.Auto is based on ROS 2 and applies best-in-class software engineering practices.

    First Autoware.Auto use cases are Autonomous Valet Parking and Autonomous Depot Maneuvering.