Generation of driver monitoring ground truth dataset – distraction

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Domain: Interior sensing
Service: Methodology preparation, dataset collection and analysis, testing and validation


Automotive OEM needed to select and test driver monitoring solutions for its passenger vehicles. The team was given the task of testing the solutions and collecting reference dataset for measures related to driver distraction detection (head and eye position tracking). Additionally, we had to test the DMS camera system in three different lighting conditions: sunset directional light, light day conditions with the zenith sun angle and moonlight.

Together with our partners, we prepared an artificial solar system for simulation of multiple lighting conditions. The system allowed us to set up lighting conditions in the laboratory to account for natural light spectral distribution according to the international standards. Our focus was on wavelength characteristics for driver monitoring systems (near infrared).

We adapted the high-end motion capture system consisting of 28 cameras to track drivers’ head and eyes positions. Our DMS tracking system provides the highest resolution motion capture camera on the market with submillimeter level of accuracy.

Our team, together with our manufacturing partners, prepared a detailed and accurate vehicle mock-up, based on CAD files, using a combination of CNC and 3D printing technologies. We prepared a fixation targets scheme and synchronised the light targets component with the reference motion capture system. For this we used our proprietary double synchronisation method providing millisecond synchronisation accuracy.

With human participants (drivers) we accounted for diversity in ethnicity, multiple age groups and occluding features (masks, different types of glasses etc.).


  • Submillimeter accurate head and eye tracking system.
  • Artificial solar system for simulating multiple lighting conditions to test NIR challenging conditions.
  • Dedicated fixation targets scheme.
  • Detailed 3D scans of sensors’ position.
  • Programming of motion capture system.
  • Synchronisation of multiple data acquisition systems.

Expertise fields

  • Computer vision.
  • Data analysis.
  • Cognitive and transport psychology.
  • Software engineering (motion capture system programming).

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