Human Factors in Automotive: Download Our Free Handbook on Driver Stress Detection


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    In the automotive context, stress is one of the enemies of road safety.

    Exploring intersections between human psychophysiology and automotive technology is one of the crucial tasks of Driver Monitoring Studies.

    In three chapters of our free Handbook on driver stress detection, our automotive experts Anna Stróż and Olga Zdzienicka explore the notion of stress, methods of driver stress assessment, effects of stress on driving safety, and current market solutions for stress detection or mitigation in the automotive context.

    Leave your contact data and dive deep into the world of driver stress detection carefully researched and curated by our team!

    In three chapters of our free handbook on driver stress detection, you will:

      • Explore general techniques used to assess acute stress

    ◦ Subjective assessment (questionnaires, surveys)
    ◦ Physiological data (e.g., ECG, GSR)

    • Learn different methods of driver stress recognition
    • Learn about multimodal or AI-based approaches and discover current market solutions

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