Services offers research, prototyping and software solution engineering focused on human-centered autonomous driving. Our portfolio of services is divided into three categories: Robotics, Interior Sensing and Artificial Intelligence.


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  • Robotics

    Development of perception layer using next generation solid state LIDAR

    We selected and integrated LIDAR-based sensors setup in a truck. We worked on perception algorithms for obstacles detection using also novel machine-learning methods like point pillars.

Interior sensing

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  • Interior sensing

    Generation of driver monitoring ground truth dataset – drowsiness

    Dedicated driving simulator dataset collection campaign for generating ground truth datasets drowsiness detection. Our team applied a combination of eye closure metrics, driving performance and physiological data analysis (ECG and EEG).

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AI / Machine Learning

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  • AI / Machine Learning

    Anomaly detection for connected cars

    Our team developed proprietary machine learning solution for detecting anomaly behavior in the automotive application processor. Our work included preparation of the full AI pipeline including automated dataset generation and proprietary neural network architecture.

How do we work?

  • Dedicated and passionate teams

    We love our job and exciting tech projects. We are building dedicated teams of passionate experts for our customers to deliver highest quality and smooth communication. We also believe in transparency and work ethics so your technical coordinators will be also well informed about our activities and progress.

  • Perfect remote support

    Concept of remote work changed due to COVID-19 situation. Our software teams can still work remotely as efficient as before COVID-19 with all remote support required from our Partners. We hope to pay personal visit to all our Partners as soon as epidemiological threat is over.

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