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Robotec has joined the Autoware Foundation!

The roadmap to autonomous driving vehicles is full of great challenges such as: developing robust hardware and software, handling safety and security, gathering large quantities of high-quality data and an incredible volume of validation which needs to be done. The key to advancing on this roadmap is forming partnerships that allow us to share expertise and technologies and to cooperate on projects that are too big to handle alone. Robotec has been following this strategy since its inception.

In March 2020, Robotec joined the Autoware Foundation as a premium member and became a part of its Technical Steering Committee.

The Autoware Foundation

The Autoware Foundation ( strives to enable autonomous driving for everyone through open source projects, which are:

  • Autoware.AI – an all-in-one software for autonomous driving technology, including location, detection, planning and control. The project was adopted internationally by more than 100 companies and run on 30 vehicles in 20 different countries.
  • Autoware.IO – focused on the hardware reference platform with tooling and unified interface.
  • Autoware.Auto – a clean slate rewrite of Autoware based on ROS2, applying high quality engineering practices with 100% code coverage.

Source: The Autoware Foundation,

Source: The Autoware Foundation,

Robotec joins Autoware

We are happy to enter into this valuable partnership. Our contributions to Autoware have already started and we are looking forward to sharing our expertise in lidar-based perception, machine learning, ROS2, simulation and other fields as well as to cooperate in engineering of the highest quality.

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