Adam Dąbrowski Jan 20, 2021 - Robotics at ROS World 2020

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One of our core areas of expertise at Robotec is robotics, and we have been using ROS & ROS2 in all our robotics projects. It delivers middleware, tooling and software packages that are all very useful in our developments.

What is ROS2?

Programming robots is a difficult task. Diverse robots such as drones, mobile logistics platforms, autonomous cars, and even underwater robots often face similar challenges in mobility, navigation, communication, localization, object detection. ROS2 (Robot Operating System 2) is there to provide components for robotics systems and make their development much easier.

ROS2 is open source and has permissive licensing for use in commercial products. It functions as a framework and a library of packages, with an active and quickly growing community. ROS2 can provide plenty of value for your robotic project, including plumbing and tooling, device drivers and application-layer packages for perception and navigation.

Virtual ROSCon – ROS World 2020

Usually, the ROS conference, called ROSCon, takes place each year in either Europe, Asia or North America. It is a place for the ROS community to meet, share their ideas and talk about cool new packages they developed. The conference is growing quickly and in recent years attracted sponsorship of the biggest companies such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google.

Due to the pandemic last year ROSCon shifted to online and did so in a manner that in my opinion was quite successful. The conference allows us to stay informed and share ideas about ROS. If you were unable to participate, you can watch videos – check the website ( and look in the ROS World 2020 Schedule section.

Robotec at ROS World

Robotec co-sponsored ROS World 2020 and got its own exhibitor’s booth, where we presented our simulation platform for mining automation. On top of interesting talks and keeping up to date with the recent progress, we enjoyed connecting to others who are passionate about robotics. While the virtual event has no chance to match networking in person, we were still happy with the opportunity in these difficult times.

You can see the video from our booth:


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