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Kite Shield Project: the story of how we reduced Boliden’s waiting time between mining operations in the mixed traffic environments to almost zero

The modern mining industry faces many challenges, from soaring operational costs and safety concerns to the pressing call for environmentally responsible, sustainable mining approaches. It is the survival of the fittest, and mining companies must adapt to thrive. Luckily, technology comes to their rescue with mining automation. Digital mining takes advantage of mining data to identify areas for improvement, maximize productivity gains, optimize mining processes, and boost mine safety.

ROSI®, our simulation platform for confined areas, supports mining companies at all stages of digitization and automation. It seamlessly adjusts to existing mining architecture to make the best out of systems that are already in place. Whether your mining operations rely on manual machines, fleets with mixed traffic, or fully autonomous mining systems, ROSI® can help you in 5 main mining areas:

  • Safety
  • Productivity
  • Visualization
  • Virtual commissioning
  • Mine design and planning

Our teams used ROSI® in the Kite Shield Project for our mining client, Boliden, to develop a highly accurate safety system with precise localization features. With the help of mining safety simulation, our team reduced Boliden’s waiting time between operations in mixed-traffic environments to almost zero.

They created virtual mining environments to do accurate mining equipment modeling and test different mining traffic configurations. To conduct precise mining process simulation, they used the RoSi® platform’s Software-in-the-loop (SIL) testing of mining control systems, i.e., a different implementation of Traffic and Site Management Systems and Kite Shield Safety System against multiple scenarios covering a variety of use cases related to mixed traffic. The RoSi® platform supports multiple layers of configuration files to enable high-scale validation of the tested software in different conditions.

The first phase of the Kite Shield Project ended with success as the mine utilization time (non-waiting time of the vehicles) reached 100%, resulting in improved mining safety and considerable productivity gains. Virtual commissioning offers a quicker alternative to conducting tests in the actual mining environment. With the implementation of Software-in-the-loop (SIL) alongside real mining systems, mining operations have become more efficient and cost-effective. We are positive that the subsequent phases of the project will be equally successful.

If Boliden’s success story inspires you, contact us at rosi@robotec.ai to request a free demo and unearth all the mining possibilities for your company!

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