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Robotec is a part of CPSoSaware project

CPSoSaware is a project performed by consortium consisting of 13 experienced partners, spread around nine countries (Greece, Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Poland, Cyprus and Israel). The project is funded by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 framework programme.

Goal of the project is to develop the models and software tools for CPSoS (Cyber-Physical System of Systems), enabling it to behave automatically (without human intervention), be aware of its physical and cyber environment and react to it accordingly.

CPSoSaware project overview

The overall goal is to create a framework that will be able to fully support in terms of resilience, reliability, security/cybersecurity and reconfigurability the design operation continuum of a CPSoS. It incorporates research and provision of innovative solutions in various technological fields:

  • CPS Model based design
  • Cognitive Artificial Intelligence based CPS Control
  • Extended Reality Human based situational awareness
  • Security and cyberattack runtime monitoring in the CPS environment.

We aim to achieve that, using Artificial Intelligence/ML components that are vertically distributed in a CPSoS architecture and that collaboratively provide decentralized control of the various CPSs, as well as to help the system become aware of its status (physical and cyber environment) and its human users (thus promoting the human in the loop directive).

CPSoSaware project use cases

Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

We will consider Autonomous Driving Systems (ADS), that are able to work unattended only under mild conditions, while they require a human driver to take control in situations that cannot be handled in an automatic way by issuing a so-called Request to Intervene (i.e. SAE level 3 vehicles). Such systems require the cooperation of a Driver State Monitoring System (DSM), that assesses the state of the human driver (e.g. by performing pose-estimation, or emotion recognition, possibly utilizing multiple modalities) and a sub-system that performs an analysis of the scene outside the vehicle and controls the vehicle to move autonomously on a predefined path (e.g. recognizing vehicles ahead, estimating their velocity/trajectory, forecasting future vehicle locations). In the concept of CPSoSaware, driver monitoring will not only be used to assess the driver alertness but also to recognize the driver and check his / her level of capacity to safely drive the vehicle. Other applications for the CPSoSaware system will also involve operations related to gaze and facial expressions analysis to assess the driver’s mental state. These developments severely contribute to ensure higher safety.

Human-Robot Interaction in Manufacturing Environment

The concept developed by CPSoSaware can be applicable in complex CPSoSs that need to operate under highly demanding conditions (e.g. real-time response time, safety) like industrial manufacturing domain. The proposed inclusion of AI assistance that is used in CPSoSaware, as well as the inclusion of the human factor in the overall approach makes the solution very attractive for industry. In a complex manufacturing hierarchy in future manufacturing environment, the human operator will have a central role in the factory itself. New collaborative robots, as well as complex logistic systems have to consider the operator as a “virtual agent” or as a sub-system in the CPSoS description in order to deal the proper flux of the information in the factory.

Robotec role in the project

Robotec is the main partner responsible for simulation part of CPSoSaware project. We are going to develop fused simulation for AV scenario including 3D simulation, driving behavior modeling and V2X communication.

Besides simulation, Robotec is responsible for Industry Driven Evaluation and Trials. We will design and execute methods for developed solution assessment in both scenarios.


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